checkad replication


NEW CATEGORIES: Active Directory, Replication
Checks the full replication of an Active Directory and replaces the original code from the check_wmi_plus.ini file (which does not really check the replication).
Tested with AD 2012/2012R2 and shows the number of failed replicas.

Ini File Content: 

[checkad replication] requires=1.461 inihelp=<<EOT Check the full replication of an Active Directory. Tested with AD 2012. Shows the number of failed replicas. Modified and tested by David Reisner. Note: Use --nodatamode and/or NODATAEXIT settings to control what happens if no failed replicas are found. Typically run with -c 0, to go critical when any failed replicas are found. EOT namespace=root\MicrosoftActiveDirectory query=select NamingContextDN, LastSyncResult from MSAD_ReplNeighbor WHERE LastSyncResult<>0 createlist=_ReplicaInfo|),|(|1|NamingContextDN,LastSyncResult test=_ItemCount predisplay=_DisplayMsg||~|~| - || predisplay=_ItemCount||Full Replication at False|||| - If False info on next line: NamingContextDN(LastSyncResult) \n display=_ReplicaInfo||~|~|~|| perf=_ItemCount||Number of Failed Replicas processallrows=0