Get Data as Text or JSON

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Get this data as text for DFX2 or JO
Get this data as JSON for DFX2 or JO


Each page contains both server and player data.
As you can see from the urls for accessing the data -
- you set the format by specifying the &template=TYPE parameter where type=text or json.
- you set the game type by specifying the ®ion=REGION parameter where REGION=DFX2 etc.

It is possible to get the data for a single server by specifying the &serverpattern=PATTERN parameter
The region, and serverpattern parameters are documented better here, in the Basic Images section.

For the text based data you should be able to work out the format quite easily. I haven't really ever used the json data myself, but it has been generated using a perl module so I assume that it is usable.