Server Status Images

Any donations to this spare time project appreciated.
Include a server status image for your server.
There are many customisations possile eg a background image, different sizes, text placements etc.
Data can be obtained for the following games: Here's a very basic, but live status image for the DFB Server:
Server Status
The following images are merely samples of what can be produced:
Server Status Server Status

Get Your Image

By using this image you agree to always leave the default text we place on the image which says something like "Data from".

Either use the Image Builder (the easy way!) or
read the How-to on how to setup these images for your own site.

Read some information about getting this data as text or json here

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Some more demo images:
Server Status Server Status Server Status Server Status
The following text is supposed to be really small and blend into the background.
Data is provided for the following Novalogic Novaworld Novaworld2 games Joint Operations JO Joint Ops Jointops Delta Force Xtreme Delta Force Delta Force 2 You can customise customize the lobby to show only the information you want to see. This is ended to be used by humans if you want something to embed into your web page use the server status images We show the players and servers and the display can be changed to meed your requirements Data is obtained live and will be only a few seconds old This makes it really easy to find your friends mates buddy gamers that you want to play with without having to run the game. Smart System Monitoring